10 Simple Plumbing Checks

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10 Simple Plumbing Checks for all those who enjoy a bit of DIY:

  1. The first thing you should check is the Temperature and Pressure Relief valve (TPR) on your hot water system.

    These should be activated every six months to ensure they are functioning correctly. Locate the valve on the left hand side of your hot water system and pull the handle for FIVE SECONDS then release. If water fails to flow from the TPR valve, or won’t stop running after ten minutes, you should call us to replace the valve.

  2. Using a thermometer, check your hot water temperature.

    If your home has a tempering valve installed, the hot water in bathrooms should be no higher than 50 degrees Celsius. If your water is hotter than this, call us immediately to replace or adjust your tempering valve. If you do not have a tempering valve installed, you will need to call us to install one to ensure your house meets the Queensland Plumbing Code and to make sure that no one gets burnt!

  3. Check Toilet Flush.

    You should flush your toilets and ensure that there is a difference between the half flush and the full flush. Check there are no water leaks behind the bowl and no water trickling into the bowl after the flush. A handy trick we use is to fold some toilet paper and push it against the back of the bowl; if the paper gets wet then you have a slight leak that will add up over time. Call us to repair your cistern valves.

  4. Check your flexi hoses.

    These braided hoses under the taps can rust, causing unexpected blowouts and flooded houses. Make sure you regularly check these for rust spots or fraying. If you see any evidence of excessive wear, call us to replace them before you come home to a disaster.

  5. Check your drains.

    Fill your sinks one at a time and then release the water. If the water is slow to drain away, or gurgles, or stands for a period of time, make sure you call us to clear a potential blockage. DO NOT USE DRAINO, BICARB SODA, or ANY other ‘urban legend’ remedy! These are usually a waste of your time and money and may cause further problems!

  6. Check your appliance isolation taps.

    All dishwashers, Hot Water Systems, toilets and water filter systems should by law have an isolation tap. Turn this tap off and check that the water supply to the appliance does in fact stop. If the water supply does not stop, or leaks when it is turned back on, you should call us to replace. The appliance isolation taps need to be operational in an emergency, so don’t put this off.

  7. Check stormwater system.

    Place a running hose in your rear downpipe ground connection, or ground drain and check to ensure that the water is flowing through your stormwater system and out from the outlet at the kerb. If the water only trickles out, or the rear downpipe connections overflow, you may have a partial blockage in your system. Call us and we can inspect the stormwater system with our CCTV camera and clear the blockage if necessary.

  8. Check your taps.

    Turn your taps on and off, one at a time. Check for leaks, loose fittings or any other abnormality. Also check inside your cabinet for any leaks. A couple of small leaks will add up over time and make a difference on your water bill. Call us and we will fix any issues you find.

  9. Check water pressure.

    High pressure can cause water hammering in pipes, but can even cause major pipe bursts. If you notice that some taps run faster than others or your water flow seems to have slowed over time then call us to check. You may have an issue with your water pressure or the supply to your home, or even just a problem with one particular tap.

  10. The easiest, quickest, most reliable check you can do, is to call MJ Walker Plumbing

    We will come to your home or office and conduct a 40 point plumbing inspection on your plumbing systems.

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