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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Are Drain Cleaners Really That Effective

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Do liquid drain cleaners really work?

Liquid drain cleaners are usually a type of chemical cleaner that unblocks a drain by generating heat, melting grease that may have formed around food particles, hair and other build up. Liquid chemical drain cleaners can be a quick fix to a slow or clogged drain by eating away at soft clogs however they can eat other things like pipes and people!


The caustic nature of drain cleaner can pose problems to your pipes by damaging PVC, metal, copper, galvanised steel and iron pipes. If your plumbing is very old and compromised the risk is further enhanced as the chemical nature of the cleaner creates further problems.


Liquid drain cleaners always come with a toxic warning and rightly so.  They can burn eyes, eat through your clothes and inflict painful burns on your skin if they come into contact. You must use liquid drain cleaners in a well ventilated area, wear a mask to ensure you don’t breathe in the toxic fumes, wear protective eyewear, clothes and rubber gloves.  It is imperative it is kept away from children and pets as ingesting it can be fatal.


As a once off application for a small clog, liquid drain cleaners may be useful however use with caution! We would not recommend repeated use of a liquid drain cleaner as the chemical will simply sit in the pipes causing damage to your plumbing until the blockage is cleared. To avoid a simple job turning into a major and expensive exercise, we suggest a quick call to MJ Walker Plumbing.  We are happy to talk to you through any clogged drain issues and make a house call if needed.

Where does the water we use come from?

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Australia is renowned as being a drought affected and dry, dusty country. Over recent years there has been an emphasis on water conservation as we see the effects of climate change and as communities struggle to cope with the influx of people leading to the increased burden on the local water supply.

Some states in Australia have imposed water restrictions on cities and towns in an effort to protect the country’s valuable drinking supply.  We have seen restrictions as to when we can wash down driveways, cars, even having a timetable as to when we can water gardens and lawns.

Our valuable water supply comes from these sources:

  • Rainfall
  • Storm water
  • Rivers
  • Reservoirs
  • Ground water
  • Waste water
  • Desalination plants

State water agencies, water authorities and local councils continue to develop strategies and practices to provide climate resilient water resources for the future. Diminished rainfall, climate change, population growth, drought and economic development all threaten our sanitised water supply.

So spare a thought when you next visit a reservoir, watch a summer storm or pass by a waste water treatment plant, that these are all making your drinking water a viable alternative to no water.

Remember the water we use needs to be respected and conserved not just for our generation but for future ones as well.

So call MJ Walker to ensure all your fittings are conserving this precious resource.