5 Common Causes of Clogged Drains

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There’s nothing more frustrating than clogged drains, especially since they are most often accompanied by foul odours. So, what are the common causes and how do you avoid them?

1. Foreign Objects

Though unintentional, there are some object that can easily be dropped down the drain, such as soap and jewellery. It can also be a case of small children flushing toys down the toilet, or even too much toilet paper or other such things. All of which, lead to clogged drains and eventual blockages requiring a plumber to service.

 2. Plants

Exterior drains, such as rainwater drains, can often become clogged by plants, dirt and leaves. In their quest for moisture, sometimes tree roots find their way to the pipes causing cracking and blockages. Regular maintenance is required to ensure trees, plants, leaves and roots aren’t building up or creeping closer to causing major damage.

 3. Hair

Hair in the bathroom is your bath or shower drains worst enemy. It builds up in the drain and can lead to some serious blockages and potential flooding. The good news, is that there are many devices available that can be placed over the drains to help grab hair before it gains entry to the pipes.

4. Grease, Fat and Oils

Greasy and fatty substances should under no circumstances be poured down your sinks drain! They will only harden and cause major clogging and blockages. You need to be disposing of these things into the garbage, they are always harmful to your plumbing when tipped into the sink.

5. Toiletries

Nappies, baby wipes and an exuberant amount of toilet paper usage is all harmful to your drainage! All of these products will swell when they hit water and will not easily disintegrate. Giving them the flush is going to be a decision you will immensely and immediately regret when everything starts rushing back up!

We all know that a blocked toilet or drain can become much more than an inconvenience. Blockages can become a health risk to your family and loves ones. Bacteria, faecal matter and other harmful substances in blocked drains will expose people nearby to potentially serious health problems.

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