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    Plumbing services in Parkwood

    We barely give our plumbing a second thought when it is working, but as soon as it fails, its usually all we can think about. In most cases people turn to home remedies and ‘easy fixes’ only to find that the problems remain the same or get worse.

    Plumber Parkwood – Whether you have a commercial or residential plumbing need MJ Walker are available to come to your Parkwood/Gold Coast home or business to assess the issue, diagnose it and fix it as best and as affordably as possible.

    As a family owned and operated company we value your time and your custom, we believe our plumbers should be on-time, reliable and provide a quality service, and this is the reason we believe people keep coming back to us.

    Blocked toilets in Parkwood need not be problem

    Whether your kids have thrown their toys down the toilet or an employee has flushed a hand towel by mistake, the end result can be a blocked toilet. Before grabbing the plunger – wait! An incorrectly plunged blocked toilet can overflow and lead to toilet water flooding your home or business.

    Our team of plumbers will come to your Parkwood or wider Gold Coast business or home location fully armed with all the tools of the trade to swiftly and effectively deal with any plumbing issue.
    plumber parkwood

    Plumber Parkwood for Blocked drains in your home or business

    Blocked drains that are left untreated can fast become unsanitary and start to smell. Our team of plumbers can tackle even the most unsightly and toughest of jobs in Parkwood.

    Blocked stormwater drains in Parkwood.

    During heavy rain a stormwater blockage will be certain to show itself. Don’t wait until there is a risk of flooding, get your stormwater drainage installed ahead of time to save time, money and damage in the long-run.

    Hot water installations in Parkwood

    Ever hear the shriek of someone in the shower when the hot water system dies?

    Whilst we take our readily available hot water for granted, when it is suddenly taken away from us the effects can be felt almost immediately. The plumbers at MJ Walker can replace all types of electric and gas hot water systems, including continuous flow hot water systems and heat pumps. Our services also include element and thermostat replacement for those times when the water just isn’t hot. Our service also complies with Parkwood’s and the wider Gold Coasts local council regulations.

    Gas Installations in Parkwood

    Start benefitting from installing gas in your home or business today. The team of plumbers at MJ Walker are ready and able gas fitters that are the best in the business. Get your Parkwood home cooking with gas by dinner time.

    Gas leaks in Parkwood

    When you can smell gas in your home or business in Parkwood and across the wider Gold Coast the first thing we recommend is turning off all your gas appliances, opening the windows and doors and calling the expert plumbers at MJ Walker immediately. If you have a gas leak we will come straight to your Parkwood home or business and ensure you, your loved ones and/or staff are safe.

    Plumber Parkwood – MJ Walker is your trusted local plumbing service that is on hand to assist the residents and businesses of Parkwood and the wider Gold Coast region.




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