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The Real Cost of a Leak

The Real Cost of a Leak | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing |

When it comes to plumbing and your Gold Coast home, you may think that a small water leak is no big deal. The ‘I’ll get to it soon’ moto just isn’t going to cut it this time though! No matter how small your leak, if you don’t get it fixed as soon as possible you are going to experience some major damage and some BIG repair costs! Don’t believe us? Here is the real cost of a water leak.

 Wasted Water

Ignoring the potential damage (for now), let’s talk first about the cost of wasted water. Especially, on the Gold Coast where rising water bills are becoming a major issue for many home owners, there is going to be a much bigger cost impact to that small leak than you think! That constant, day-in and -day-out drip is actually wasting a lot more water than it appears, and your water bill is going to reflect that.

Household Damage

Moving on to the biggest money waster, leaks cause damage! Even the smallest of leaks can potentially cause the biggest amounts of damage! Rotting wood, mouldy walls, damaged ceilings and more! Depending on where you leak is located, that dripping water is only going to spread if left untreated by a plumber. That minor leak that you can see, may only be a small part of the problem! A professional plumber will be able to check for additional behind the scene leaks that may be happening in your ceiling or behind your walls. Those sneaky little leaks are going to be one major pain to your bank account!

Better to call in a professional plumber now! If your Gold Coast home has a leak, no matter how small, it is always recommended that you have it checked out and repaired straight away. Your savings account will rest a little easier knowing your plumbing is in tip-top-shape.

Give us a call at Gold Coast’s MJ Walker Plumbing, we can have your leaks repaired ASAP and have you and your home back in running order as soon as possible.





How to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster

How to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

Preventative measures! As a local Gold Coast professional plumbing service, we can not enforce this enough: take preventative measures to avoid plumbing disasters! Here are the top three ways to keep your home safe from big plumbing mistakes and costly disasters.

Regular Inspections

Regularly inspecting your plumbing systems, like your water heating system, will go a long way towards avoiding major disasters down the road. With proper care, your water system can last a long time. Keep in mind, you use this system every day, so it is crucial to have is checked at least once a month. Like putting air in your car tyres, checking your water heater is another regular maintenance to-do that you need to add to your schedule. If not, well… our expert Gold Coast plumbers will be there for you then too.


Just because that old toilet or taps still works, doesn’t mean it’s going to keep doing so for much longer. There’s nothing wrong with it, so why replace it, right? Wrong! Everything ages, and your seals and piping and toilets and taps and shower and all of your homes general plumbing are not immortal! Those dated fixtures need to go, preferably before the major plumbing disasters start rolling in! Upgrading your plumbing fixtures will give not only you and your Gold Coast home peace of mind, but your plumber too!

D.O.N.T. do the D.I.Y!

Just don’t do it! If you don’t know what you are doing, please call a professional plumber! Doing it wrong is only going to cost you more later. Plus, if you don’t install your new plumbing fixture correctly or repair that leak properly, you can experience some potentially huge water damage issues! When it comes to DIY plumbing, just D.O.N.T. do it! A profession plumber is probable more affordable than you think! Give our friendly team at MJ Walker Plumbing a call. We can work within your budget to give you the best possible plumbing solutions and plumber services for you and your home.

MJ Walker Plumbing is here for you no matter what. We’ll help you prevent that major plumbing disaster, but should it all go wrong, our professional plumbers will be there for you then too.







3 Things Plumbers Wish You Wouldn’t Do

3 Things Plumbers Wish You Wouldn’t Do | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

There are in fact many things that you are most likely doing on a daily-basis, that would make a professional plumber cringe! Here are the top three things you are doing, that your really plumber wishes you wouldn’t!

Ignoring the Problem

One of the biggest, and most common, things that home-owners do that they shouldn’t is ignore that there is even a problem. From a minor leak comes a big flood! The problem is only going to get worse the longer you leave it. As a professional plumbing service, we cannot stress enough the importance of seeking professional plumbing assistance while the problem is still small, and not leaving it until too late!


So, you have plumbing that needs fixing? Well, there are some jobs that simply need to be left to the professionals. When it comes to DIYing your own plumbing, we really wish you just wouldn’t. There is nothing worse than having to spend extra money correcting the problem after the fact. It may save you a little upfront, which will feel like a great idea, but you need to consider the big spend later if you don’t know what you’re doing and everything goes wrong.

Using Harsh Chemical

Silicone and grout is not infallible; it is not superhuman. Please don’t treat it as such! When you pour harsh chemicals down your drains to try and remove clogs and build-up, chances are you’re only causing more problems. You can not only damage your waterproofing (silicone and grout), but even your piping and fixtures can be damaged by these chemicals. The time and money you will spend fixing these things, is going to make you seriously regret not calling in a plumber first!


Give MJ Walker Plumbing a call, our friendly and professional plumbers can help you with all of your local Gold Coast plumbing needs.

What should I do if the water pipe bursts?

What should I do if the water pipe bursts? | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

There’s nothing worse than a burst water pipe! Watching your home get seriously damaged can lead to panic on what to do. Here are the steps you need to take when a water pipe has burst.

Step 1: Turn off the Water

Even if you don’t know where the water is coming from, find the stop tap on the water main and turn off the water flow. You also need to turn off the electricity at the main, this will prevent any accidental shocks. Water and electricity don’t mix well, so better safe than sorry. Once the water and electricity is off, you need to drain the pipes by running the cold water on every tap, flush each toilet and (after shutting off the water heater) run the hot water on every tap. Once the pipes are all drained of water, the leak will stop.

Step 2: Locate the Burst Pipe

Once you have located where the leak is coming from, inspect the damage and get in a plumber to assess the leak. A professional plumber will be able to tell you if it is a major water pipe or a single pipe that has burst, the first will be a bigger repair than the last and cost more money as a result.

Step 3: Get Everything Dry

Depending on the extent of the leak and the amount of water that has flooded you may want to consider bringing in a professional drying crew as well as the plumber. Using fans and open windows to dry a soaked area is not going to be enough to prevent mould, mildew and other bacteria from growing.

Unfortunately, water pipes do burst and leaking pipes can cause damage to households whether they are located underground, in walls or in a ceiling space. There are many different types and brands of water pipes, both in existing buildings and new dwellings, in Australia. Copper pipes, Polybutylene pipes, Pex pipes and Steel pipework all have weak points and may burst or leak from time to time. M.J. Walker Plumbing and our team of licensed and experienced Gold Coast plumbers can repair or replace all of these pipes.

What can you do to prevent clogs in your drains?

What can you do to prevent clogs in your drains? | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

The best way to avoid a clogged drain is to avoid putting known clogging foods and items down them, such as grease and hair. Here’s how you can prevent clogs and avoid items from entering your drain.

  • Put cooking grease into an old jar or container and then dispose of it in the trash once it’s cool.
  • Throw coffee grounds away in the garbage, not down the drain or even in your garbage disposal.
  • Cover your shower drain opening with a gate or filter screen in order to minimise hair and soap scum from entering.
  • After each use, run hot water through the sink in order to keep oils and other materials running down the drain rather than building up inside the pipes.
  • Throw in a handful of baking soda with the hot water every once in a while. It will help clean out the pipes interior all while absorbing foul odours.
  • Or as an alternative to baking soda, prior to hot water, pour one cup of vinegar down the drain and let it sit for half an hour. Vinegar is a great organic solvent that will remove build-up from the pipes.

Finally, if you have a blocked or clogged drain you should seek professional help. You should immediately get a plumber in to maintenance and repair any blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked sewer systems, clogged pipes, clogged drains and/or burst pipes. M.J. Walker Plumbing offers experienced plumbing services to all homes in and around the Gold Coast, and can expertly service and repair all of these plumbing issues and more.

Shh… 15 Plumbing Secrets

Shh… 15 Plumbing Secrets | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

Our plumbers divulge their insider secrets on the main culprits of clogged pipes, insider fix-it tips and more!

  1. Looking for a recommendation for an experienced and quality plumber? Try calling a plumbing supply or fixture store, they don’t tolerate bad plumbers.
  2. Monday is usually our busiest day… it’s the day all the wives call us to correct their husbands weekend ‘work’.
  3. Want to know what the top homeowner insurance claim is for? Burst washing machine hoses, of course. Ditch the rubber hoses and go with a stainless steel one, your insurance premiums will thank you.
  4. To all those people calling us screaming and crying because your house is flooding and you can’t find the water turnoff source: you should know better! Whenever you move into a new place, familiarise yourself with everything, including the turnoff tap location. We can only do so much over the phone to help you find it.
  5. Whether your channelling your inner Rapunzel or denying your early onset balding, your shower drain doesn’t care! Buy a filter or gate to block the hair and soap scum from entering your drain.
  6. ‘Flushable’ baby wipes are liars! They don’t break down and they don’t flush, so don’t do it!
  7. A pipe is not a clothes rack, hang it elsewhere.
  8. Don’t ignore your plumbing’s warnings. Drips and running toilets are only going to get worse and in the meantime, they’ll just rack up your water bill.
  9. Just because we’re there doesn’t mean we can also fix your light, repair your door and paint your walls. We’re plumbers, not husbands.
  10. Just ask us! We’re often happy to check out things you’re unsure about while we’re there repairing something for you. So, if you’re not sure about your water heater, flow inhibitor or any other such thing, while we’re there to see it in person is the best opportunity to have it checked out.
  11. Loose, jiggly toilet handle? It’s an easy fix, and a cheap one… the part costs about $5 at the store, I’ll charge much more than that just to walk in the door. On this one occasion try to DIY.
  12. Water and electricity don’t mix… ever! When renovating your bathroom, things like the electrical socket need to be built up, off and a certain distance away from the vanity surface. Don’t overlook the powerful shock water can have, plan wisely.
  13. Quality and experience will cost you more. We’re sorry to say that’s just the way it is. You’ll be sorry if you don’t believe us.
  14. Licensed is a license for a reason. Don’t just hire your friendly neighbourhood Mr. Fix It. Get a properly licensed plumber to do the work correctly, and not to repair the first guys mistakes.
  15. Be wary of a company or individual plumbing service that offers a quote at a considerably lower price than the other competitors quotes. Be suspicious of hidden fees, because you’ll probably get smacked with them. A good plumber will be upfront about their cost, not try to trick you into it.


Knowing Your Garbage Disposal: What goes down and what doesn’t?

Knowing Your Garbage Disposal: What goes down and what doesn’t? | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

Having a garbage disposal in your home can be an extremely convenient addition to your kitchen, but knowing the correct foods it can and can’t dispose of is essential to avoid costly repair expenses. Here is a list of what foods you shouldn’t be putting down your garbage disposals.

Fat, Grease and Oils

These three things should never be put down the garbage disposal. Nor should they be put down any drainpipe. They can all build-up and harden inside the pipe, eventually clogging up the drain. When this happens, you are going to have to phone a plumber and have them remove the clog.

Bones or Large Fruit Pits

Sometimes convenience isn’t always convenient, especially when you tend to throw items into your garbage disposal simply out of habit. You need to be careful and make sure that the food items you know are bad for it, like bones and large fruit pits, don’t end up there simply because it feels easier or more convenient to do so. We guarantee, the fix caused by the damage these items will cause won’t feel easy or convenient.

Onion Skins and Fibrous Fruits

These items will actually stick to the sides of the disposal and wrap around the shredder causing major damage. Anything with stringy fibres or skins won’t be cut and will clog up the shredder.

Coffee Grounds and Egg Shells

Coffee grounds will clog up your drain, like fats and oils they will eventually require a plumber to come and unclog the more incorrect foods you send down the disposal. Egg shell membranes, like fibrous fruits will wrap around the shredder ring and stick to the sides of the disposal. They also don’t break down with the bacteria in the disposal, so egg shells are a big no.

If the worst does happen and your garbage disposal becomes clogged, damaged or in need of a repair, give M.J. Walker Plumbing a call. Our expert Gold Coast plumbers have years of experience fixing and servicing drain blockages. We can restore your homes disposal back to working order in no time.

How to Upgrade Your Household to Save You Water

How to Upgrade Your Household to Save You Water | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

Sometimes household expenses can get the better of you. When your water bill comes due and you are sick of feeling overwhelmed by the expense, then it’s time to consider upgrades to your home that can lower your water usage. Here are our top plumbing tips and trick and household upgrades to help lower your water bills.

 Shower Heads

A large majority of all residential water usage is from household showers. Which is understandable, especially when you consider the fact that most ordinary shower heads use about 9L of water per minute. NINE LITRES! The good news: there are many modern shower head fixtures available that have a much more appropriate 7.5L per minute flow rate. While that may not seem like a big difference now, just wait until your next water bill… you’re welcome.


The other bulk water consumer: toilets. Especially older toilets that don’t have any water regulators. Water efficient toilets use less water per flush, which can significantly reduce a family household’s water consumption.


An important step is to make sure none of your tapware are slowly dripping. It may seem small, but continued, constant dripping is going to add up and will reflect onto your bill. You can also consider an upgrade by having a plumber install an aerator onto your tapware. This is a small device that will inject bubbles into the stream, displacing the water. It will save you roughly 2.5L of water per minute. That’s a thumbs-up in our books.

Washing Machines

If your washing machine is an old model, then watch out. Depending on the size, the average washing machine will use anywhere from 110L-170L of water per load. Shocked? Well, most high-efficiency energy saving models can save you anywhere between 53L-65L per load. It’s a fix that’s well worth the cost, because in no time your water bill savings alone will make up for the expense.


If you don’t know already: using the dishwasher is far more water-efficient than washing dishes by hand. However, to make this efficiency rise an upgrade to a newer model is your best bet. Water-smart dishwashers, on average, have the potential to save you roughly 14,000L in its lifetime!

To upgrade your Gold Coast homes plumbing fixtures to more water-efficient models, give the expert team at M.J. Walker Plumbing a call today. We can assess your situation and offer the best solution and plumbing service possible to suit your needs.

How to deal with grease in your drain?

How to deal with grease in your drain? | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

Grease is a major cause of most drain blockages as it can solidify inside the drain and cause debris to build-up. Not only does this begin to cause clogging issues and an eventual blockage, but this will also lead to bad odours and smells inside your kitchen. Here is some expert advice from a licensed plumber on how to remove grease build-up from your drain and save your home from water damage.


It must be said, preventing the issue is the best way to solve the issue! Grease, fats and oils should never be poured down the sink. Food items such as butter, margarine, lard, etc. are a big ‘no’ when it comes to washing them down the drain. They should be wiped off with a paper towel and thrown in the bin or poured into an old jar and tossed away.

Dish Soap

If you are not using an anti-grease soap, then you are wasting your time. Without the right dish soap items in your drain will continue to build-up and not have anything fighting to break them down and prevent your sink from clogging. An anti-grease soap will also prevent grease from sticking to the pipe and building up in the first place.

Fix the Clog Before It’s a Blockage

If you can see the water struggling to drain, then you need to take action before it becomes a serious blockage. Try using boiling water and vinegar mixes or boiling water and backing soda, to break down the residue causing the clog. Let it sit in the drain and fight the grease for at least 30 minutes before testing to see if the water is draining properly again. If, not it may be time to call in a plumber. It is much better, and far more cost effective, to call in a plumber when the issue is minor rather than waiting for a major blockage problem to happen.

We all know that a blocked drain can become much more than an inconvenience. Blockages can become a health risk to your family and loves ones. Sinks, basins, tubs and baths can get blocked or start to drain slowly due to a build-up of grease, soap, scale and hair. M.J. Walker Plumbing have a number of ways to clear blockages in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as improving the rate of flow.

Clearing fixture blockages requires the correct tools and technique. That is where we come in. Sometimes you need more than just a plunger to get the job done. Our Gold Coast plumbers have the skills, experience, and tools necessary to keep your pipes flowing.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing

You’ve decided to hire a plumber, but how do you know if you’re hiring the right one? Here are the top 5 questions you need to be asking a potential plumber before you hire them.

1. Are you a licenced plumber?

You need to make sure that any plumber doing work in your home is professional and experienced, and ensuring that they are properly licensed is a good way to check. A licensed plumber will be up-to-date on all building codes, building practices and safety regulations. It will give you peace of mind in knowing your plumber has the skill and knowledge to do the job right.

 2. Do you offer any warranty or guarantee on the work you perform?

Any plumbing work done in your home should come with a guarantee, so that if there is a problem directly related to the service they provided or the initial issue they will return to make repairs. You need to know what sort and duration of guarantee they offer.

 3. Are you insured?

Finding an insured plumber is essential. Accidents and mistakes can happen, and if by chance they do, you want to ensure that you are not at risk for these unexpected costs. An insured plumber will be protected should any potential injuries occur.

4. Can you tell me about your experience?

Local plumbers will have references and past projects that they can mention for you to know that they are as experienced as they say. Calling past clients of theirs or seeing past complete projects will give you a better understanding of what type of quality work they are going to provide and what your finished project will look like.

5. What is it going to cost?

Getting an upfront quote done is another important thing to make sure you receive prior to hiring a plumber. This is so you don’t find yourself having to pay more than you planned or for any unexpected costs unbeknownst to you. Price should be an upfront discussion, and should unexpected costs arise during the plumbing service to your home, they should be discussed and requoted prior to being implemented.

Whether your Gold Coast home or office has a leaking or running toilet, leaking tap, burst pipe or is in need of a complete or partial bathroom renovation, M.J.Walker Plumbing can take care of it efficiently and without fuss.