MJ Walker Plumbing Tips – What To Do With A Blocked Loo?

MJ Walker Plumbing - Unbock Toilet with Plunger

One of the most common plumbing problems encountered in homes is the dreaded blocked toilet. As professional plumbers, we’ve seen the very worst of a blocked loo situation, and we always recommend getting in the professionals to rectify the situation.

Often, however, people insist on trying to be the fix it plumbers themselves. We get it, and we’re here to help.

Don’t worry, we know that you’re not germaphobic, but, seriously, who wants to deal with clogged poo on any given day of the week? And if you don’t have a plunger, then you’re in serious trouble.

It’s important to remember, to avoid chemical use for unblocking your toilet as most unblocking agents are very corrosive and can easily cause bodily harm and environmental damage. So if your loo is blocked, what should you do?

Blocked toilets are very common, and we get calls all the time, asking if there is something they can do to remove their toilet blockage without having to call in the professionals.

Well, if you’re determined to tackle your own loo problems head on, then yes, you can attempt to fix your loo yourself, but do you really want to do that? If the answer is yes, then the professionals at MJ Walker Plumbing have put together some tips for that pesky loo blockage, which just might get you through.

If you’re toilets bung – here’s what you can do …

First things first. If your loo is blocked, DON’T flush it repeatedly.

Yes, this is probably the first thing you’ll do when you notice the floaties and high water line in your toilet, but the chances are that flushing a blocked toilet will only result in the contaminated water overflowing onto your floor and you having to jump out of the way. Not pretty. The best chance you have of getting your toilet back to normal is removing the blockage.

Plumbers kit 101. Every home should have a plunger! Before you attempt to flush your toilet, you want to see the water run away down the cistern and this can only happen when the blockage has been dislodged or removed. You will need a plunger to assist in basic toilet blockage removal.

Before you do anything we recommend you wear a pair of gloves to avoid germ contamination and this job could get messy. Plunging can mean water splash back. If you’re going to attempt to do this job by yourself, be prepare to get water and … well, you know what else on you.

To begin, position your plunger into the toilet bowl, ensuring that the bottom of the plunger (rubber section) is completely covered in water. Pushing downward, pump the plunger vigorously for at least ten or twenty pumps then remove plunger to see if the water level has resided.

If it appears the blockage has not been removed, repeat this process two or three times. Generally, if the blockage is minor and is due to banked up toilet paper and faeces only, this process should be enough to remove the blockage and return the toilet to normal function.

If after plunging for more than five minutes, your toilet remains blocked, we recommend calling the professionals at MJ Walker Plumbing to fix the issue.

In busy households, miscellaneous items can sometimes become lodged in toilets and cause issues. Sanitary wear and other personal items may cause issues and may not be removable with a plunger, requiring professional plumbing assistance. Sometimes, in older buildings, things like tree roots can cause toilet blockage, requiring specialised equipment to fix the issue.

If you’re clever enough to successfully fix your blocked toilet, congratulations – and don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

Take the stress out of your blocked toilet situation. The professionals at MJ Walker Plumbing know just what to do to get your toilet back to normal. Let our friendly and professional team save you the time, hassle and gross factor by fixing your blocked toilet for you.

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