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Plumber Ashmore

    Quality plumbing services in Ashmore

    MJ Walker has been providing quality plumbing services to Ashmore and the wider Gold Coast area at an affordable rate for more than 20 years. With a sterling reputation and a wealth of experience, why go to anyone else with your plumbing issues?

    DIY plumbing can sometimes cost more

    Plumber Ashmore – When your taps are leaking or your toilet is blocked, it can be tempting to try some DIY. However, even a simple task like replacing a washer can easily turn into a nightmare if done incorrectly. A blocked toilet is ticking time bomb, but before you grab the plunger STOP! If your toilet is not in a position to be plunged, or if done incorrectly your Ashmore home can soon become flooded with raw sewage, so the small issue can quickly become a costly exercise.

    Blocked drained and stormwater blockages in Ashmore

    Whilst you can make every effort to ensure your drains aren’t blocked sometimes things happen underground that can be out of your control and as a home or business owner these are your responsibility. If left, it can lead to much worse issues, trees in the drains will continue to grow and holes your pipes will continue to crack, a plumbing expert can resolve the issue before it gets worse.

    Storm water blockages can be caused by a number of things, if left unattended as soon as Ashmore experiences heavy rainfall your home or business is at a potential risk of flooding. A simple call to MJ Walker plumbing can alleviate any concerns you have.

    Gas appliance installation and gas leaks in Ashmore

    Gas is a clean and efficient form of energy, so if you want to convert to gas call MJ Walker plumbing, we are qualified to install and repair all your gas fitting needs.

    Whilst gas is a great resource you never want to smell it, if you can smell gas call the professionals at MJ Walker, our plumbers will come to your Ashmore home and/or business and deal with a gas leak immediately. Gas leaks that are left unattended can be dangerous and potentially fatal, so don’t take a chance.
    plumber ashmore

    Don’t be in hot water when your hot water system plumbing fails

    Residents of Ashmore and all across Australia take the convenience of hot water for granted, until it breaks. When you need hot water plumbing done well and in hurry, call MJ Walker, plumber Ashmore.

    If needed, we are hot water installation experts. We will restore your hot water back to you in no time, leaving you relatively unaffected.

    Let us take over your body corporate plumbing services

    The Body Corporate need to be vigilant and any issues, such as gas leaks and blocked toilets for example need to be dealt with immediately which can lead to someone being on call 365 days a year. Let us take the headache of your plumbing issues away, we will deal with any dramas, swiftly, effectively and as cost efficiently as possible.

    Plumber Ashmore – MJ Walker are a trusted family owned company. We have serviced Ashmore and the wider Gold Coast community for more than 20 years and our reputation for quality and affordability proceeds us. Call MJ Walker now for any or all of your plumbing needs.


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