Queensland Storm Season Vs Your Plumbing

MJ Walker Plumbing - Queensland Storm Season

As we move further into the Queensland storm season, residents are doing all they can to prepare their home for the worst. From securing outdoor furniture through to stocking up on supplies, it seems that most Queenslanders have an emergency plan ready to kick into action if need be.

You are prepared for losing electricity, running out of fresh water, and are able to sustain yourself for a couple of days without assistance, but have you thought about the potential hidden dangers.

Not many people think about their plumbing when preparing for potential storm damage and flooding. However, floods and storms have the ability to cause a significant amount of damage to the hidden infrastructure of your home.

How to check for plumbing damage after a storm

Checking for any damage to your home’s plumbing after a severe storm or flooding can be difficult. Make sure you check for any broken glass, downed powerlines, or any other dangerous objects that should be cleared away before you start looking around.

Make sure you contact emergency services immediately if you find a downed powerline.

After the cleanup has removed any potentially dangerous objects, you can start to look for any signs of damage to your plumbing. If your plumbing work or fittings are covered, and you can’t see any damage, you can still check for potential hidden leaks or broken pipes.

To do this, simply turn off all of your taps and then locate and check your water meter. If your meter continues to go up, despite having turned off every water source in your home, then chances are you have sustained some damage to your home’s plumbing. Contact a licensed plumber right away to make any necessary repairs.

To find out if your water is safe to drink and use after a major weather event, it is best to contact your local government to see if your water supply is safe to drink. Make sure you run the tap before using the water to get rid of any debris or dirty water that has made its way into your plumbing.

If you find that your home’s water is an odd colour or smells unusual, STOP! Do not drink this water. Make sure you contact your local government about the problem, and wait for them to notify you that it has been fixed before you start to use to water.

If you are running off tank water, as long as no flood water has entered the tank it should be alright to use. As always, tank water should be filtered before drinking.

Finally, before you use any toilet in your home, make sure your local sewage system is fully operational. If your area has sustained significant storm damage or flooding, it is recommended that you call a licensed plumber to check your cistern and pipes before any toilets are used.

If you have recently been affected by severe storms or flooding, contact M.J.Walker Plumbing right away. We can help you check all of your plumbing, and make sure that your house is safe and secure. Call us today!

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