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Gas is becoming an ever increasing important part of our lives as more and more people are beginning to rely on it for their cooking, heating and hot water. Gas and electricity continue to battle for supremacy, and, despite the versatility of electricity, whenever has is an option for homebuyers they seem to be snatching it up.

Although gas is widely available it capital cities, there is usually a limited supply of piped gas in regional cities. As more and more home cooks are craving that gas cooking touch in their homes, LPG or bottle gas is an option for you.

M.J.Walker Plumbing has extensive experience in gas fitting services, and pride ourselves in being experts in the gas fitting industry. Our residential and commercial services cover both LPG and Natural Gas. We offer an extensive range of gas fitting services, including: appliance installation, gas pipework repairs, pipework reruns, gas valve and regulator replacements and cooktop conversions.

We can install, replace or remove any gas appliances or fittings.

Our team of licensed and qualified technicians are fully equipped and ready to take care of all your gas fitting needs.

Can you smell gas? Don’t panic. Simply turn your gas appliances off, open your windows and doors and call us right away. If you are having a gas emergency, do not hesitate! Contact us now and we will send one of our expert gasfitters to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Whether you are renovating, upgrading, starting from scratch, or have an emergency, M.J.Walker Plumbing is your go-to team for all your gas plumbing needs on the Gold Coast.

Gas Fitting Services and Gas Plumbing Gold Coast:

LPG Gas Systems

Also commonly known as bottle gas or propane, LPG makes gas available in areas where piped gas does not exist. We can install your entire LPG system from regulator at bottle location to appliances. We test all systems and issue Certificates of Compliance for your peace of mind. However, LPG is more expensive than piped gas.

Natural Gas Systems

Also commonly known as piped gas, natural gas is more common in some suburbs than others. We can install your entire Natural Gas system from meter to appliances. We test all systems and issue Certificates of Compliance for your peace of mind. Check with your local council to see if Natural Gas is available in your street.

Gas Appliance Installation and Conversion

We can install all gas appliances from cooktops and bayonet points for heaters to hot water systems and BBQ points. All appliances are tested and operated before completion. When buying gas appliances, make sure they have safety features, like flame failure devices and automatic reignition, to keep your home as safe as possible.

Gas cooktops are all pre-set for Natural Gas. If you have LPG we can convert your cooktop internally, using the manufacturer’s components, to allow it to work with LPG just the way it would with Natural Gas. We adjust all flames to suit existing pressures and ensure hassle free cooking.

Pipework Repairs and Reruns

Gas piping can be just as susceptible to leaks and breakage as water pipes. If you can smell gas or notice that your gas bills are higher than usual, contact a qualified gas fitter right away. We can repair all types of gas piping and rerun services if needed, or move pipes when renovating areas across your home.

Gas Valve and Regulator Replacements

Control valves and pressure regulators are the most important part of any gas system. These control the flow of gas through the system and allow it to work properly and safely. We can supply and install all gas valves and regulators.

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