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Our UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE Brass Replacement Seat System (BRSS)

Are you sick of the endless merry go round of plumber’s visits to fix dripping taps?

When we fix a tap, it stays fixed!

Our unique and exclusive Brass Replacement Seat System (BRSS) lasts up to ten times longer than normal washers. In fact, we are so confident that if they drip within the three years after installation we will come back and fix them for free.

This system is an Australian designed, owned and produced. The product is so revolutionary that it won “Best plumbing invention in the WORLD” in Geneva in 1999.

Our BRSS replaces all conventional washers.

Benefits of our exclusive BRSS

  • STOP dripping taps THE RIGHT WAY :The patented multi-ridging system provides a unique seal on your tap, eliminating leaking taps.
  • Makes taps EASIER to use:Our BRSS creates a vacuum, making even the stiffest taps easy to turn on and off. They will become light as a feather, children and the elderly will never have to struggle with taps again.
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE: 3 year guarantee against your tap dripping.
  • Vandal PROOF: Over-tightening destroys all other washers & is the main reason that a tap drips. Our system contains the only washer in the world that cannot be damaged by over-tightening.
  • EXTENDS the life of your tapsAll other washers wear away the tap every time the tap is turned on & off. Eventually the tap needs to be replaced. OUR system protects the tap seat from wear & extends the life of tapware indefinitely, saving you money and stress.
  • STOPS water robbingOur system regulates water flow, so no more scalding showers when your toilet is flushed, or another tap is turned on

By choosing M.J.Walker Plumbing and Gas you can relax knowing that we are fully licenced, have the relevant insurances, and that our 20 years’ experience in the industry speaks for itself.

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