Step Away from the Gas!

MJ Walker Plumbing - Gas Appliance

Playing around with gas can be extremely dangerous and in some unfortunate cases, deadly!

Often as licensed gas plumbers we come across some very serious situations where people assume that gas is so easy to handle, much like the gas BBQ out the backyard, but this is a very foolish assumption.

An example is too often people just turn off the gas at the mains and think that’s all they need to do to remove a gas appliance. WRONG! Gas lines need to be capped off otherwise the premises can fill with gas until….bang!

Gas, gas appliance installation and gas repairs must be done by a licensed gas plumber or fitter. Gas plumbers undertake formal training to be able to safely disconnect gas appliances and gas pipe lines, install gas appliances and undertake gas repairs.

Leaving this type of work to an unlicensed home handyman is a recipe for disaster and worst case scenario, could get someone killed.

If you are thinking of tinkering with your gas stove or gas hot water system, step away right now!

MJ Walker Plumbing has extensive experience in gas fitting services, and pride ourselves in being experts in the gas fitting industry. Our residential and commercial services cover both LPG and Natural Gas.

We offer an extensive range of gas fitting services, including: appliance installation, gas pipework repairs, pipework reruns, gas valve and regulator replacements and cooktop conversions.

We can install, replace, remove or repair any gas appliances or fittings – safely!

If you can smell gas, immediately turn your gas appliances off, open your windows and doors and call us right away on 07 5573 5846!

Whether you are renovating, upgrading, starting from scratch, or have a gas emergency, MJ Walker Plumbing is your go-to team. Call 07 5573 5846 now!

Make House Safer … Have a Floodstop Valve Fitted!

Save your home from flooding with a Floodstop Valve.

Floodstop Valves are a smart and worthwhile investment for your home and your peace of mind.
A Floodstop Valve stops your home from being flooded when a Flexi pipe bursts. Saving you the clean up, increase in water bill, and expensive repairs from water damage.

Contact Mark today for your Floodstop Value