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You’ve decided to hire a plumber, but how do you know if you’re hiring the right one? Here are the top 5 questions you need to be asking a potential plumber before you hire them. 1. Are you a licenced plumber? 2. Do you offer any warranty or guarantee on the work you perform?…

We all know when you call out a tradesperson, there is generally a service fee involved and then labour and parts are charged on top. Service or call out fees can range in price depending on the company and location. Labour is usually charged in 15 minute increments and parts will be charged if they are required.

Bathrooms like kitchens, have a notorious reputation for blowing budgets but with careful forethought, planning and execution, it need not become another renovators nightmare story. We have helped Gold Coast homeowners transform their bathrooms for over 25 years.

Go to any hardware store and there is a mind boggling array of fittings to choose from. Unfortunately not all of us are plumbing experts but we can come to learn the basics in choosing which style or type of fitting would work best in the situation its needed for.