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The benefits of installing a Food Waste Disposer

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Food waste disposers commonly known as garbage disposal units are a viable alternative to traditional food waste methods of rubbish making its way to landfill.  Every day families all over the country are producing massive amounts of food waste that ultimately gets buried in these landfill sites, leading to huge areas of rotting garbage situated within our communities.

A food waste disposer is quite simple in its process.  The unit is installed by a licensed plumber under the sink and food waste is placed inside it.  The waste is ground down so finely with very little use of water so that it can safely pass through our pipes into the waste water treatment plants. The environmental benefits are huge, with less rubbish making its way to landfill to create methane gas.

No more trips to the garbage bin outside for the home owner. The food that can’t be recycled into compost can simply be put down the garbage disposal unit and with the flick of a switch make its way safely and in an environmentally friendly state to the water treatment plant.

Bits of food and oil should never make their way down your kitchen drain unless it has been processed through a garbage disposal unit.  This can lead to blockages and result in the need to call a licensed plumber to unblock the drain.

Should you experience a blocked kitchen drain or are looking to have a garbage disposal unit installed, MJ Walker are here to assist you.  We have a team of fully licenced and professional plumbers on hand, ready to go.