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The Gas BBQ that never runs out!

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We have all had the fun experience of having friends and family over a BBQ.  The sun is shining and everyone is having a good time.  The snags are happily cooking for the kids and sending out delicious aromas.  Next those beautiful pieces of steak you’ve been marinading overnight go on and then

uh oh, the gas runs out! What a disaster!

It’s a mad rush to the service station for a replacement gas bottle or a mad dash to the kitchen to get the stove or the oven fired up so you can finish cooking the meal.  Invariably that lovely marinaded steak you were really looking forward to ends up either very well done or chewy from being taken off one heat source to another. Not an ideal picture is it?

If your home is already connected to gas, there is an easy solution to this problem! Convert your BBQ to natural gas by a licenced gas plumber from MJ Walker Plumbing. Natural gas is more cost effective than LPG and will never run out.  If your BBQ is suitable to be converted, you will never need to make a trip to the service station ever again to swap cylinders.  Your BBQ is ready to go, instantly, any time of the day or night.  This means having an impromptu gathering of friends or family will never be a problem in the future.  You can simple fire up your everlasting BBQ!

Should you be about to build your home and will have natural gas piped in for your kitchen appliances, be sure to plan for a BBQ point.  Our gas plumbers can install your BBQ to the BBQ point as only licenced gas plumbers can undertake this work.

A range of conversion kits are available to take your BBQ (if suitable for conversion) from LPG Gas to Natural Gas.  As mentioned, by law these need to be fitted by a licenced gas plumber so for safety reasons never attempt to install these conversion kits yourself. MJ Walker Plumbing’s experienced and licenced gas plumbers will expertly install your conversion kit and ensure your BBQ is professionally tested and operated before completion to make sure there are no leaks.

If your home already has natural gas piped in and your BBQ is suitable to be converted to natural gas, you can take advantage of having natural gas on demand when you BBQ.  Call MJ Walker Plumbing today to see if your BBQ can be converted or to book in an installation.  We will ensure those snags and delicious steaks are back on the BBQ pronto!