Things You Need to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom

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If you have a very tired and worn out bathroom that is crying out for refurbishment, carefully consider all factors before jumping into what could be a very costly renovation.

Bathrooms like kitchens, have a notorious reputation for blowing budgets but with careful forethought, planning and execution, it need not become another renovators nightmare story.

MJ Walker Plumbing have been helping Gold Coast homeowners transform their bathrooms for over 25 years.

We offer our tips here to help readers get the most out of their new bathrooms without the headaches and financial heartache.


Research bathroom renovations so have a ball park idea of what your renovation will cost you and be sure to add a 10 – 20% contingency allowance for anything that may be unforeseen.

Room Size

Determine if the perimeters and dimensions of the new bathroom will be the same as the old one.  Will you need to remove any walls or windows to make it bigger?


Consider where the bathroom sits within the house on the plot of land. Will it get a good part of the harsh Australian sun during the day?  Will it need a skylight as it is constantly shaded by that large backyard tree?


Bathrooms need adequate fresh air and ventilation to ward off damp and mould growth. Consider where existing windows are or where new windows may need to be installed and exhaust fan installation.


Can the existing plumbing pipes be used or will a professional plumber need to install new or extra pipework?


Carefully plan for what new fittings you may want or need and consider the fittings water efficiency as well as aesthetic appeal. Do you want a rain shower fitting, do you prefer flick mixer taps or will you need bidet fittings?

Choose a Reputable Plumber

Simple plumbing tasks can be a DIY affair however a bathroom renovation requires a professional plumber.  Seek the advice of a plumber with many years of industry knowledge and experience in the installations of new or renovated bathrooms.

Ensure they are able to give you a fixed price quote and their workmanship is backed by a guarantee.

If you are considering revamping that old bathroom into a modern, relaxing oasis, call MJ Walker Plumbing on 07 5573 5846.  We have over 25 years experience in the plumbing and gas industries so you can rest assured we know exactly what we are talking about and exactly what we are doing!

We service the northern tip of the Gold Coast right through to the southern and all our plumbing workmanship is backed by a 12 month warranty!

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