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The Real Cost of a Leak

The Real Cost of a Leak | Plumbing Gold Coast | Brisbane | M.J. Walker Plumbing |

When it comes to plumbing and your Gold Coast home, you may think that a small water leak is no big deal. The ‘I’ll get to it soon’ moto just isn’t going to cut it this time though! No matter how small your leak, if you don’t get it fixed as soon as possible you are going to experience some major damage and some BIG repair costs! Don’t believe us? Here is the real cost of a water leak.

 Wasted Water

Ignoring the potential damage (for now), let’s talk first about the cost of wasted water. Especially, on the Gold Coast where rising water bills are becoming a major issue for many home owners, there is going to be a much bigger cost impact to that small leak than you think! That constant, day-in and -day-out drip is actually wasting a lot more water than it appears, and your water bill is going to reflect that.

Household Damage

Moving on to the biggest money waster, leaks cause damage! Even the smallest of leaks can potentially cause the biggest amounts of damage! Rotting wood, mouldy walls, damaged ceilings and more! Depending on where you leak is located, that dripping water is only going to spread if left untreated by a plumber. That minor leak that you can see, may only be a small part of the problem! A professional plumber will be able to check for additional behind the scene leaks that may be happening in your ceiling or behind your walls. Those sneaky little leaks are going to be one major pain to your bank account!

Better to call in a professional plumber now! If your Gold Coast home has a leak, no matter how small, it is always recommended that you have it checked out and repaired straight away. Your savings account will rest a little easier knowing your plumbing is in tip-top-shape.

Give us a call at Gold Coast’s MJ Walker Plumbing, we can have your leaks repaired ASAP and have you and your home back in running order as soon as possible.