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Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Drain Clearing

Drainage services and blocked drains Gold Coast – We all know that a blocked toilet or drain can become much more than an inconvenience. Blockages can become a health risk to your family and loves ones. Bacteria, faecal matter and other harmful substances in blocked drains will expose people nearby to potentially serious health problems. Sewer systems, septic tanks and stormwater systems all tend to block up occasionally. We value the safety of our community, which is why we offer all drain cleaning services as well as pipework repair and rerun services.

Underground drain pipes aren’t out of the woods either. These pipes are susceptible to tree root invasion and ground movement that can cause breakages. Often, when a drain pipe is blocked it is due to tree roots or a breakage. We use CCTV Pipe cameras to allow us to see the problem as well as to pinpoint the affected area. Once we locate the blockage, we can give you a tailored quote and more forward from there.

Blocked Fixture Drain Clearing

Sinks, basins, tubs and baths can get blocked or start to drain slowly due to a build-up of soap, scale and hair. We have a number of ways to clear blockages in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as improving the rate of flow. Laundry tubs can also become blocked due to lint from washing machines, clearing fixture blockages requires the correct tools and technique. That is where we come in. Sometimes you need more than just a plunger to get the job done. Our plumbers had the skills, experience, and tools necessary to keep your pipes flowing. Call M.J. Walker Plumbing to fix your blocked drains on the Gold Coast.

Blocked Toilets and Toilet Repairs

Toilets can become blocked independently of the sewer system. From children’s toys to face washers, there are many things that accidentally get flushed and cause blockages. Whatever you do, don’t try do it yourself. An incorrectly plunged toilet can flood your entire house, and it won’t be pretty. The first step towards unblocking your toilet is to stop panicking. The second step is to call M.J. Walker plumbing, and then sit back and relax while we do all the work. Everything we need to get the job done is in our Ute, so we can get to work straight away. We can remove your toilet pan and clean the blockage, re installing your toilet back to the way it was before the blockage.

Blocked Sewer Systems

blocked drains gold coast

Sewer systems often block up from overuse. However, the main culprits for blocked sewer systems are tree roots and breakages. Using an Electric Eel, we can clear blockages and shave roots from any sewer system. It is important to realise that once tree roots have penetrated a sewer pipe they will continue to grow and multiply. The only way to eliminate the problem is to excavate the entry site of the roots and replace the affected section of pipework. We can carefully excavate your sewer system and professionally replace the root infested section of pipework. Make sure that sewage is flowing away from your home, not into it! Call M.J.Walker plumbing today and keep

Stormwater Systems

If your storm water system has any issues, you can be sure that they will appear during heavy rain. The truth is that most houses do not have enough stormwater outlets or drain grates to handle heavy rain. If your patio area or backyard starts is continuously flooding, maybe it’s about time you asked a professional to have a look. We can install added drainage grates in patio areas or large backyards to stop water pooling around your dwelling. Our services also include cleaning stormwater drains with high pressure water cleaners and repairing any broken or tree root infested sections of stormwater drainage.

For all your drainage services, toilet repairs and blocked drains on the gold coast call the friendly staff at M.J. Walker Plumbing.

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