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Hot Water System

Hot Water is an important part of life. M.J.Walker Plumbing can replace all types of electric and gas hot water systems on the Gold Coast, including continuous flow hot water systems and heat pumps. Our services also include element and thermostat replacement for those times when the water just isn’t hot.

Hot water systems are also something that is closely regulated by local councils and authorities. New hot water legislation in Australia requires that any hot water system on existing houses that includes pipework changes must have a tempering valve installed. A tempering valve mixes hot and cold as it exits the system to deliver water at 50 degrees Celsius. This lowers the risk of scalding, as hot water is the main cause of scalding accidents in Australia.

Here are our hot water services and some explanations regarding regulations:

Hot Water System Replacement

There are basically five different options to select from when buying a new hot water system. Natural Gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Heat pump, Electric, Solar.

  1. Natural Gas: If you have natural gas available in your area, this is the best option. It is relatively inexpensive to run and environment friendly.
  2. Liquid Petroleum Gas: Although LPG is environmentally friendly, this is the most expensive to run.
  3. Heat Pump: Heat pumps will save you up to 70% of your electricity used for hot water heating. Heat Pumps cost around the same as Solar to purchase but the installation costs are lower and there is no need for panels on your roof. These are useful if you have a high usage of hot water.
  4. Electric: Electric hot water systems are the most common. They are relatively inexpensive to run if on an Off-Peak Tariff, however they are not so good for the environment. If you are on a cheaper tariff you are actually using the electricity that is going to waste. Mainly there are 3 tariff options to choose from. A11, T31, T33.NOTE: By law, if you have natural gas in your area then you are not permitted to have an electric hot water system.
    • A11: This is your normal power that is turned on 24 hours a day.
    • T33: This means that your hot water system is turned on for 18 hours a day. Your electricity to the hot water system will be turned off during the peak periods, generally in the afternoon. You need at least a 125LT hot water system to be on this tariff.
    • T31: This means that your hot water system is turned on for 10 hours a day. Your hot water system heats up during the night. This tariff is the cheapest and less than half price compared to the A11. It is also better for the environment because you are using the electricity without raising the peak demand. You need at least a 250LT hot water system to go on this tariff

    You should contact your retail electricity supplier for the latest and detailed accurate information.

  5. Solar: Solar hot waters systems are expensive to buy and moderately expensive to run. They run from the power of the sun, but need to be boosted sometimes when you run out of hot water, or when there is no sun. So for about a 3 months of a year be prepared to boost your hot water system. You can have it boosted by electricity or gas.

Under Bench Hot Water Systems

If you’re tired of waiting long periods of time for hot water to flow through kitchen taps, there is a solution! We can install small, under bench hot water systems that heat water instantly. Systems such as the Stiebel Eltron, are perfect for one tap installations in homes offices and tea rooms.

Element and Thermostat Replacement

Sometimes components of hot water systems can fail, leaving us with cold water running through all taps. This can be as simple as a faulty heating element or thermostat. However, this can be a sign that your hot water system may be on its way out.

Tempering Valve, Control Valve and Pressure Limiting Valve Replacement

These are the main and most expensive part of a hot water system (besides the cost of the tank). None of these are included when a hot water system is purchased from a manufacturer, however, without them installed the manufacturer’s warranties are void. Our services include supply and replacement of tempering valves, control/non return valves (duo valve) and pressure limiting valves.

Don’t forget! We deal with all major brands! However, we do recommend quality Rheem and Vulcan hot water systems. Contact us today for more information about hot water systems on the Gold Coast.

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